The National Youth Wind Orchestra is a wind orchestra in which the whole range of clarinets takes the place of the string sections in the symphony orchestra. The result is a wonderfully sonorous sound which both players and audiences, conductors and composers find thrilling.

Glenn Price - NYWO Conductor

Dr. Glenn D. Price, Conductor

NYWO is remarkable organisation that offers an unparalleled musical experience.

As a conductor, it has been my privilege to work with this extraordinary ensemble whose success is the result of several key features.

One of these is the very high level of accomplishment of the performers which has allowed me to programme repertoire which I would normally consider to be accessible only to the most advanced university and professional ensembles, another is that the country is combed each year for the most outstanding young musicians at audition.

The alchemy of these elements results in something that is less easy to define but is nevertheless highly tangible – a spirit of enthusiasm, pride, dedication and sheer joy in making music to a professional standard.

For some the orchestra serves as an important aspect of their professional training, for others it is the chance to develop a part of themselves that can have an impact for a lifetime. In any case it is a very special opportunity that has played a major role in the personal growth of many professional and dedicated amateur musicians.

This is an achievement that should be source of great national pride.

Dr. Matthew J. George, Conductor

The NYWO is a first rate organisation. The thought and care that goes into every detail is thorough and complete.

Most importantly, the level of music making is exceptional, where heart and soul meets wonderful technique, all of which is synergistic and leads to phenomenal musical performances.

The NYWO is something of which all of Great Britain can and should be proud.

Tijmen PhotoTijmen Botma, Conductor

I had the privilege to work with the NYWOGB in 2014 during the Easter course and worked for 9 days with very talented young musicians of Great Britain.

The level of the musicians was very high and the progress after 9 days rehearsing was unbelievable.

When I was at the age of these musicians I played also in the National Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands and there started my musical career. It made me so ambitious that I wanted only one thing: to be a professional musician. Still every day I am in contact with the people I met so many years ago in the orchestra.

For most of the young musicians it can be a possibility to start here their musical career and their social network which is very important for the rest of their musical lives. Playing together and starting knowing each other gives them a tremendous boost for motivation to bring out the best of themselves.

The repertoire is very diverse: transcriptions, original, contemporary and film music. They play many different styles of music and can reach an outstanding standard of ensemble/orchestral playing. Every young woodwind, brass and percussion player needs this experience to develop themselves and progress their ambitions and make their dreams come true to become a professional musician.

I am looking forward to working with the orchestra again and meet the finest young musicians of Great Britain.

Mark Heron, Conductor


“NYWO is a terrific organisation which provides a high quality musical experience for some of our most talented young wind, brass & percussion players. The individual level of the players is of an excellent level, and so over the duration of a week of rehearsals they are able to grow into an extremely cohesive orchestra capable of outstanding levels of performance. No compromise is necessary in either the repertoire they can perform, or the manner in which they work: the professionalism of their approach is admirable.

The camaraderie and commitment of a first class youth orchestra creates a very special energy and NYWO is as good an example of this as I can think of. Whether the members go on to study and work in the music profession (as many of them do), or pursue other careers, their experiences in NYWO will always be a highlight of their musical lives.

They deserve your support and I recommend you go to one of their concerts soon!”

Rodney WintherRodney Winther, Conductor

How fortunate the emerging musicians in Great Britain are to have NYWO to perform in twice a year!  I spent 8 days with these wonderful young people during their Spring Course at Radley College, and I came away from this experience convinced that this ensemble is one of England’s musical crown jewels.

Exhilarating and intense rehearsals are interspersed with activities that are full of fun and laughter.  Making new friends or renewing old friendships is just another important part of the NYWO experience.  The staff is thoroughly professional in every respect, taking great care to nurture each person’s musical abilities, as well as their health and happiness.

I now have sixty new friends and colleagues to add to my ever-growing family of musicians…and each person’s smiling face will always be in my memory.  Thank you to one of the finest musical organizations anywhere…the National Youth Wind Orchestra of Great Britain!  Make sure that you join us soon…